Summer is all about getting outside and enjoying the weather but what about those warm nights with great company and yummy appetizers? With restaurant season around the corner, we need to be prepared for impromptu dinner dates.  

For those unexpected nights you can always count on a flirty lash and bold brow to elevate your day face into an evening one. Our favourite makeup hack is building onto a look without having to start from step one. This requires a fun pair of falsies as well as freshened brow using Skinny Retractable Pencil in Dark Brown and sealed with Tinted Brow Gel in Dark Brunette. Alyssa’s look incorporates beautiful dewy skin perfect for warmer nights. Warm Beige Highlite Pencil’s shimmery end provides the juiciest complexion while adding impeccable lift to the brow bone when done with the matte end. To keep this look romantic, a small amount of dark brown frosted shadow was smudged onto the lid using nothing but the warmth of a finger tip. Pair it with a matte lip, no liner needed and you’re ready for a night on the town.

Pro tip: If you’ve gotten a little shiny throughout the day, don’t sweat it! (See what we did there?) Apply some setting powder only to specific areas such as around the nose, forehead and chin. Leave that dew along the tops of the cheeks for a glow that will have people wondering if you were born with it.

Products Used: Skinny Retractable Pencil in Dark Brown, Tinted Brow Gel in Dark Brunette, Warm Beige Highlight Pencil

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